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Instructional Design and eLearning

Clearly communicating complex technologies and business processes is a common aim of our eLearning clients. We approach these challenges with a filmmaker’s eye and and layer the interactive elements upon these outstanding visuals.

Our approach to Instructional Design begins with great writing, always keeping in mind our aim to produce engaging training that is concise but still addresses all compliance requirements. We improve learner engagement through “gamification” of assessments, informative feedback and reinforcement of key points so that the desired learning outcomes are achieved.

Our track record of producing exceptional eLearning content includes:

  • A suite of company and site inductions for a major resources industry client
  • Trainer-led presentations for use in group/classroom format training
  • Self-paced reference modules on a range of topics
  • Scenario-based training that posits “what-if” questions for a given process scenario
  • Tools that build safety awareness by simulating real-world environments in 3D that the learner can explore and asking the learner to identify potential hazards
  • Site orientations delivered on iPads

We use industry-standard tools to create SCORM-compliant content able to be run via any learning management system and we work with a range of industry professionals to ensure reliable deployment of our content.

Our film production, motion design and VFX capability sets us apart in the eLearning space. This is underpinned with sound instructional design and technical knowledge of eLearning software and deployment environments.

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